link building pricing in 2023 how much does a backlink cost

Link-Building Pricing in 2023: How much does a Backlink Cost?

Navigating the murky waters of link-building pricing in 2023 is no simple task. Pricing isn’t uniform across the board, but rather, it’s a colourful mosaic with cost variances as diverse as the myriad of websites they link to. Be it the competitive finance industry or a humble hobbyist blog, every niche commands its unique backlink price.

Link-building is a multifaceted beast, and its cost breakdown reflects this complexity. The expenditures stretch across several critical components that drive the process forward. Top of the list is content creation, the cornerstone of any effective link-building strategy, demanding the investment of both expertise and time.

Content Creation

Content is king in the digital realm, especially in the context of link-building. High-quality content as part of a wider content marketing strategy forms the very backbone of successful link-building strategies, acting as the irresistible bait that lures in audiences and captures their attention. Moreover, crafting such engaging content requires specialised skills and a significant investment of time, which contributes to the overall cost of link-building.

Fulltime Outreach Staff

In the labyrinth of the digital world, it’s easy for your brand to get lost in the crowd. That’s where a dedicated outreach staff steps in. They are your brand’s compass, steering your digital presence towards visibility and ensuring your brand is seen and heard in all the right places. This continuous toil to keep your brand under the spotlight contributes to the link-building cost.

In the digital world, SEO and link analysis tools aren’t just accessories; they’re necessities. These instruments help to optimize and streamline the link-building process, making them invaluable to any SEO strategy. As such, their cost is naturally factored into the link-building price.

Publication Placements

Getting your content placed on other websites of high authority is akin to securing a prime-time slot on television. It not only boosts your brand visibility but also sends a strong signal to search engines about your site’s credibility, thereby contributing significantly to your link-building strategy. As you may have guessed, these high-profile placements come with their own price tag.

Quality Control & Data Analysis

The march towards successful link-building doesn’t end with securing links. Keeping a vigilant eye on the quality of these links and analyzing the resulting data for future improvements is a crucial aspect of any professional link-building service. These quality control measures and data analytics processes contribute to the overall link-building cost.

in house vs agency link building pricing

When weighing the pros and cons of an in-house team versus agency link-building pricing, several factors come into play. These could range from the scale of your operations to your available resources and even the industry you operate in.

In-house link-building can seem like an attractive option with its promise of full control over your link-building strategies. However, the costs of maintaining an in-house team can quickly pile up. From doling out salaries to the link-building manager and assistants to paying to build links and SEO tools, there are multiple facets that contribute to the overall cost.

The captain of your in-house team for link-building is your link-building manager. They steer the course, guiding the team towards effective link-building strategies. Their expertise and leadership come with a price tag, contributing to the overall cost of link-building.

A captain is only as good as their crew, and in this case, it’s the link-building assistants. They perform the hands-on tasks of executing the link-building strategies. The salary of these hardworking individuals is an integral part of the link-building cost.

Blogger Outreach Writer – $40,000

A blogger outreach writer is your brand’s voice in the digital world. They craft engaging content that attracts high-quality links. The writer’s skill and time invested in creating this content adds to the link-building cost.

Sometimes, gaining visibility in the crowded digital space means paying for building links. This expense can vary widely based on the domain authority and traffic of the site you’re placing your link on, thereby adding to the total cost to build links.

Your arsenal of link-building tools and software is like the compass guiding you towards the most effective strategies for building high-quality backlinks. These invaluable resources come with their price tag, which is factored into the overall link-building cost.

in house link building costs can stack up fast

Oh boy, if we ever get talking about the costs of running an in-house link-building team! It’s a bit like planning a big family vacation – by the time you factor in all the airfares, accommodation, meals, and those irresistible souvenirs, your wallet starts to feel light as a feather. Likewise, in-house link-building entails significant overheads, like the salaries of the team members. Picture paying for a link-building manager, a couple of assistants, and a blogger outreach writer. Then, there’s the price tag of link-building tools or software, which can leave a small crater in your budget. And don’t even get me started on the cost of paid links. It’s as if every aspect of in-house link-building comes with its own cash register, cha-chinging away!

If in-house link-building is akin to a DIY project, choosing to outsource link-building with a link-building agency is bringing in professionals. You know, those folks with the know-how, the tools, and the trade secrets. The pricing spectrum here is as wide as the Grand Canyon, though. It varies according to the size and specialization of the agency.

Large SEO Agencies

These guys are like the big box stores of the SEO world. They’ve got all the services under one roof, the kind of place where you can pick up a local SEO strategy while you’re shopping for your link-building campaign. But this extensive reach and established reputation often come with a premium price tag. It’s like going to a fancy restaurant – you’re not just paying for the food but for the ambience, the brand, and the experience.

On the other hand, we have specialist SEO link-building agencies. Think of these as the artisanal bakeries of the SEO world. They may not have the full spread of a buffet, but they’ve perfected their sourdough bread. And though their services might carry a slightly higher cost, they often provide more value. Why, you ask? Because their bread and butter (see what I did there?) are link-building, they can deliver bespoke strategies, avoid low-quality links, and deliver results that pack a punch.

And then we have the freelancers, the solo artists of the SEO world. Their pricing can be as unpredictable as a roller coaster ride. It fluctuates based on their experience level, the nature of your project, and even their mood on a rainy Tuesday morning. But they can be an affordable solution for smaller businesses or specific projects.

If you’re after a well-made suit but can’t afford the designer label, a specialist link-building agency like SEO Link Building Experts is your tailor. We cut and stitch our services to fit your needs, and the end result is a boost in your site’s SEO that fits like a glove. Not to mention, the ROI is like a neat little pocket square – an excellent bonus. We are also proud to offer excellent outsource SEO link building services to agencies looking for help with the heavy lifting.

Imagine walking into a candy store and finding sweets that cater to every taste bud and budget. That’s what we offer at SEO Link Building Experts – a smorgasbord of link-building packages at different price points. From the budget-conscious small business owner to the spend-big corporate executive, we’ve got link-building services for everyone!

return on investment-and the cost of link building

Link-building isn’t just another line item on your expense sheet; it’s an investment. Think of it like planting an apple tree – you invest time, effort, and money now, but the rewards you reap later are exponential. The fruits of your link-building efforts aren’t just higher search engine rankings. They also include increased organic traffic, a stronger online presence, and enhanced brand visibility. So, the next time you think about the cost of link building, remember to weigh it against the juicy ROI you’ll be biting into!

Just as a complex watch contains a multitude of intricate pieces, link-building prices are influenced by several factors. The richness and uniqueness of the content, potential restrictions on creative outreach, the specific techniques used for link-building, the strength and reputation of the client’s brand, the quality of the links obtained, and the sites where the links are placed all contribute to the overall cost. Each factor is like a cog in the grand machinery of link-building, working in unison to shape the final price.

Content Quality

Picture this: content is the flavorful bait that lures in potential clicks and is a significant factor in search engine rankings. The more enticing the bait, the more it costs. When content is rich, engaging, and unique, it mirrors the creativity, expertise, and time spent crafting it. High-quality content can cost a pretty penny, but its power to attract valuable links and engage readers can be priceless.

Restrictions On Creative Outreach Processes

Imagine your link-building process as a river. The less it’s obstructed, the faster and more smoothly it flows. The same goes for link-building. When the process is not bogged down by unnecessary restrictions, it’s more effective and efficient. However, having to navigate around such restrictions can lead to increasing costs during your link-building efforts.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in link building be it blogger outreach, guest posting or niche edit submissions. Different techniques offer different results and have different costs associated with them. Some techniques are as straightforward as a Sunday drive, while others are like manoeuvring through a maze. The complexity and effectiveness of the techniques employed play a crucial role in determining the link-building cost.

Strength of Clients Brand

Picture a brand as a lighthouse in a stormy marketplace, its strong reputation guiding high-quality links towards it. Constructing and maintaining such a lighthouse requires significant investment, which adds to the cost of link-building.

All that glitters is not gold, and the same is true in the link-building game. High-quality, authoritative links are the golden tickets in the world of SEO, helping boost visibility and credibility. However, striking gold requires more resources, which adds to the SEO link-building cost.

Placement Sites

Think of a high-authority site as a prime piece of real estate in the digital world. These prime spots come with a higher price tag, adding to the overall cost of link-building.

Just as some terrains are harder to navigate than others, some industries face more challenges in link-building. These industries, like casinos & gambling, loans, finance, and real estate, often encounter stiffer competition and stricter regulations, resulting in higher link-building prices.

industries with high link building costs

Casino & Gambling

The digital landscape for the casino and gambling industry is like a high-stakes poker game. It’s highly competitive, regulated, and requires a substantial investment of resources. Finding high-quality backlinks in this field is akin to hitting the jackpot, a feat that often demands a higher link-building cost.


Much like navigating a complicated loan agreement, securing valuable backlinks in the loans industry requires considerable skill and resources. The competition is fierce, and the rules are strict, driving up the cost of link-building.


The finance industry’s digital space is as crowded and competitive as a bustling stock exchange. Landing a spot on authoritative and relevant websites is like striking a lucrative deal, a feat that comes with a higher link cost.

Real Estate

Building links in the real estate industry is like landing a prime property deal. The competition is high, and the stakes are even higher, pushing up the cost of link-building.


In the digital landscape of the SaaS industry, competition is medium-rare – not as hot as the high-cost industries but still pretty sizzling. While link-building here isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a tad less complex, leading to average link-building costs.


Just like keeping up with the rapid advancements in technology, securing valuable backlinks in the tech industry requires agility and resourcefulness. Although the competition is moderate, the constant need for cutting-edge content and strategies adds to the cost of link-building.

Nutrition & Food

In the nutrition and food industry, the competition in the digital space is like a bustling farmers’ market. There are lots of potential link opportunities, but securing the most valuable ones requires a keen eye and significant investment.

The digital arena for the legal industry is as complex as the law itself. While there are opportunities for valuable backlinks, securing them requires understanding the intricate rules of SEO, leading to average link-building costs.

low backlink price industries

Hobbyist Type Sites

In the world of hobbies, it’s quite easy to generate links as the competition for backlinks is as relaxed as a Sunday afternoon hobby session. The friendly digital environment means cheap backlinks can be acquired and link-building can often be achieved without the need for a huge budget.

Video Games

While the gaming world may be filled with epic battles, link-building activities here aren’t quite as fierce. The digital landscape is vast and diverse, offering ample opportunities for cost-effective link-building.


In the charitable sector, the digital space is as welcoming as a charity event. The atmosphere of goodwill and the high level of trust associated with charities often lead to good link-building opportunities and lower backlink prices.


In the realm of education, the competition for backlinks is more of a friendly debate than a fierce argument. With a wealth of knowledge to share, educational sites have ample opportunities for effective cheap link-building.

Here at The SEO Link Building Experts, as one of the leading specialist link-building agencies, we strive to provide top-notch services at competitive prices. The cost of SEO link-building is custom-tailored to meet your unique needs and budget. We believe that quality doesn’t always have to break the bank, and we’re committed to delivering the best link-building prices and value for your money.

Whew! That was quite a deep dive into the world of SEO link-building pricing. It’s important to remember that, like any other investment, the value that a link-building campaign can bring to your business isn’t just about the immediate cost of acquiring links. It’s about the long-term benefits – they improve a website’s rankings, increase organic traffic and strengthen brand visibility. So, while Rome wasn’t built in a day, a robust and valuable link profile can’t be built on a shoestring budget. But, with a good outsourced link-building campaign, it can certainly provide a high return on your investment and increase your domain rating and boost your position on search engine results pages!

And that’s a wrap for today! We hope this more in-depth look into SEO link-building pricing and link-building packages’ prices was helpful. As always, if you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at The SEO Link Building Experts. As a trusted and experienced link-building company, we’re always here to help you navigate the complex world of SEO link-building!

Well, how long is a piece of string? The cost of link-building is as multifaceted as a kaleidoscope, ever-changing and uniquely shaped by various factors. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario – think of it more like a custom-tailored suit. The fit and the price depend entirely on your specific needs, goals, and budget. The breadth of your outreach, the complexity of the content, the industry you’re competing in, the quality of links you’re after – all these aspects come into play. On top of that, the level of expertise of your SEO link-building team and the link-building software they use also weigh in the balance. So, when asking “How much does link building cost?” remember that the answer is as unique as your business itself.

Not all backlinks are created equal. Imagine if we treated each backlink as a precious gem. In that case, their price can be as varied as the gemstones themselves. Quality link-building might cost a pretty penny, much like a rare diamond. High-authority backlinks are often found on websites of significant domain authority and require extensive work to procure, from crafting top-notch content to conducting intensive outreach. On the other hand, some backlinks are more akin to amethysts – less expensive but still valuable in the grand scheme of SEO. These links may be easier to secure, but they still contribute to your website’s overall SEO health. The key takeaway? Each backlink carries a different price tag, but the value it provides in boosting your SEO can make it worth every penny!

Setting your dofollow links pricing poses an interesting question! Picture yourself running a cosy bed-and-breakfast. How would you set the price for a night’s stay? You’d likely consider the quality of the rooms, the services you provide, and what the going rate is in your area, right? Similarly, your backlinks price depends on a variety of factors. The quality of your own website, the relevance to the topic, the potential to drive referral traffic, and the SEO value the link can provide – all factor into the equation. Authoritative websites that generate high levels of monthly organic traffic can have a higher average backlink cost than a site with low domain authority and little traffic. So, the price you set per link isn’t plucked from thin air. It’s a thoughtful decision based on the unique value your site offers.

Link-building cost can be seen as a pie made up of several different slices. Each slice represents a different factor that goes into the process of link-building campaigns. There’s the “content creation” slice to acquire links- the time, effort, and expertise required for SEO-friendly content creation. Then there’s the “outreach” slice – the hours spent researching, identifying, and connecting with relevant websites to identify potential link-building vendors. We can’t forget the “link quality” slice, ensuring that every link is a valuable asset to your search engine optimization effort. The “data analysis” slice represents the work done to monitor the results and adjust each link-building strategy accordingly. Finally, there are the “link value” and “placement price” slices, accounting for the link quality and the cost of buying links and getting them placed. So, when you ask, “How much do backlinks cost?” or “What does the link-building cost include?” remember, the cost of link-building services includes a comprehensive package and not a single entity.

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