link building strategies for agencies 2023

Link Building Strategies 2023

The foundation of any successful SEO campaign is the quality and searchability of links to your website. Bearing this in mind, it is of paramount importance that firstly we understand exactly what link building is and, secondly, devise link building strategies that legitimise the time spent and optimise the end results for your clients.

Link building strategies, in essence, are the procedure of creating inbound links (commonly referred to as backlinks) to a website from outside sources. These links give search engines the ability to determine both the quality of a website and, most importantly, the relevance of the site to individual search terms. Effective link building strategies are multifaceted and, when done correctly, increase rankings for search engine results pages.

link building strategies for 2023

The primary aim of any search engine optimization campaign is to get your website to rank as high as possible in the search results for the keywords related to your niche. To achieve this, link building is essential.

The best link building strategies vary from client to client and industry to industry, but the crux remains the same, the more links you secure from trustworthy sources, the more likely it is that search engines will consider your site authoritative and the higher they will rank you in relevant search results. Below is a more in-depth look at the types of link building strategies we employ daily to great effect.

Analyze the Client’s Website Visibility

Any backlink strategy for SEO begins with an analysis of the client’s website visibility. Careful scrutiny of how the keywords are performing is of paramount importance. Once we have identified the areas that are lagging and what is preventing the site from being as visible as possible to as many people as possible, we formulate our plan of attack. With this completed, the next step is to provide the best backlink strategy imaginable.

Determine the Client’s Target Audience

An important aspect of link building strategies frequently overlooked is the failure to determine the client’s target audience. Once we have identified our target demography, we can use numerous creative link building strategies, such as reaching out to the appropriate bloggers, websites, celebrities, and experts that appeal to our target group.

There’s no point trying to sell reading glasses through some teenage starlet, and the target audience is elderly, so the campaign wouldn’t be age appropriate. This should be explained to the site owners to prevent any miscommunication.

Website content audits fall under two main categories. Both are equally important when it comes to white hat link building strategies and work symbiotically on a high-performing website.

Quantitative website content auditing concerns, covering page speed, coding, layout, etc. Basically, “just the facts,” no opinion is given to the client, just cold, hard data.

Qualitative website content audit- here, the expertise and experience of the SEO teams come into their own. Advice is proffered based on audience-driven insights, market research, customer feedback, etc.

There are innumerable types of link building strategies, but to make sure your site is able to rank effectively and secure those invaluable clicks, it is of the utmost importance that you develop creative link building strategies that will set you apart from the competition. Whether it’s a backlink strategy for eCommerce or services, the fundamentals remain the same and can be applied with equal gusto.

Despite the overwhelming array of backlink building strategy options available across the board, after nearly two decades in the industry, we believe the effective link-building strategies below to be of particular importance to both our own and the valued reader’s backlink strategy 2023.

Broken Link Building Strategies

To put it in layman’s terms, a broken link building strategy requires you to have the ability to identify broken links on websites relevant to your own interests and ask the webmaster or someone with domain authority to substitute them with your updated links. Despite it requiring higher than average technical competence it is one of the most effective link building strategies available. Broken page links can be found on your competitor’s backlink profile, your own site, or any other website that falls under your sphere of interest. It’s the cornerstone of any viable external link building strategy, regardless of the links original purpose or direction, you can reach out to the webmaster and get it replaced with your updated link.

We’re often queried as to the cause of a link breaking in the first place, how it affects search traffic, and what resource post we recommend. In general, it comes down to the following.  The target site/land link has either been moved or has been removed and no longer exists. The site linked changed its URL whilst neglecting to set up redirects. The website simply removed the linked page, causing a “404 error”.  The link itself is erroneous, whether through a misspelling or incompetence, and was always broken. Don’t get too hung up on the reasoning for the broken link or what is hampering your performance, and instead, concentrate on the fact that broken link building can be an amazing backlink strategy. It allows you to build backlinks both quickly and effectively to bolster your off-page SEO linking strategy.

2. Guest Post Backlink Building Strategies

Guest Post Backlink Building Strategies

What Are Backlinks And Guest blogging? Guest posting or guest post link building is one of the most effective link building strategies out there for organic traffic. Simply put, it is the process of writing blogs to create content that is to be published for other websites. It is the best backlink strategy for getting backlinks from blog posts to your own website in exchange for an article or guest post.

Guest blogging is an excellent link building tactic. Sites Linking to your web page or web pages can be peppered through different places in the post. Links can be strategically placed in the body of the article anchored to a related keyword/s. It is commonplace for people to put links in the author bio attached to the end of the articles also. Internal links are more helpful because they have a higher click-through rate as users peruse the blog posts rather than once the information has been received. Guest blogging allows you to carefully curate your high-quality content through external links relevant to your niche. 

3. Skyscraper SEO Backlink Strategies

Skyscraper SEO Backlink Strategies

The Skyscraper Technique is a white hat link building strategy that was originally created by developer Brian Dean of Backlinko as a more streamlined way to create engaging content that will secure you higher quality editorial links. The 3 core principles of this backlink strategy are very straightforward in principle.

Research your competitors and your niche. Trawl through the tomes of information and find the most popular content available that has been linked from other sites. Create a superior piece of content on the same topic before publishing it on the site controlled by your content to the right people.

Your aim is to author the singular best piece of content with a link to your site.   Your contribution must be beyond reproach, so it is not the best backlink strategy for lazy people or companies.

Your entire goal is to create a monolithic piece of content that towers over every other available article on the topic, like a Sky Scraper.

Brian Dean best describes it in a blog post he wrote in the following terms  “Have you ever walked by a really tall building and said to yourself: “Wow, that’s amazing! I wonder how big the 8th tallest building in the world is.” Of course not. It’s human

Use Social Media for Your SEO Link Building Strategies

One of the best backlink strategies for bu utilizing social media. An indirect way to bolster your incoming links is to be as active as possible on social media platforms, particularly by engaging with bloggers and reporters in your niche. Creating an online presence for your specific product gives you the opportunity to build your brand and boost your page views, increase your audience reach and, over time, lead to new links.

Using hashtags as part of your top link building strategies. For example, if a journalist searches Twitter for a hashtag and you’ve used the same hashtag in relation to a recent study, you wrote there’s a good chance you will get coverage from that tweet. Always be on the lookout for journalists requesting data relative to your target audience. Carefully monitor hashtags like #prrequest and #journorequest for linking opportunities specific to your brand.

Actively engage on industry platforms: Commenting on blog posts is another type of link-building strategy you can implement to boost your brand awareness. These link building strategies not only show that you are an active participant in industry conversations but also help you build links with other blog owners who may reach out to you for coverage at a later date.

Write Great Content to Attract Backlinks

 The cornerstone of any SEO link building strategy isn’t Google image search it’s links to relevant sites or resource pages. It is imperative that you produce the kind of content your target audience wants to build links to. Naturally, most editors are preoccupied with linking pages to content relevant to their audience. So, the more relevant links your webpage has for the audience, the higher the chance is that they will link to it.

The most important aspect of link-worthy content is that it both educates and informs. It might solve a universal problem, or it may answer a commonly asked question your audience or other bloggers may have.

One of the most common ways SEO experts write link-worthy content is by responding to common queries. In a nutshell, to gain credible backlinks, your content must solve problems or answer questions in a unique way. This is frequently addressed in, How-to articles, educational content, writing a blog post with inspirational content or simply using data and trends.

Reclamation Backlink Strategies

This backlink strategy is self-explanatory and is simply the process of reclaiming broken or lost links to your site. The two most common reasons for broken links are a webmaster/page authority updating their site and removing your link in the process or the URL structure to your website has been changed, causing existing links to redirect or just flat-out error code. Irrespective of how it happened, a link reclamation project can limit excessive damage and help continue to send users to your domain and put the kibosh on any potential loss of traffic to your site. 

The importance of the backlink reclamation strategy cannot be underestimated. Typically, the best SEO link building strategy is to focus on obtaining new links to your website. However, it is also of the utmost importance to monitor and maintain preexisting links. Frequently website upgrades and migrations can be the cause of pages moving and URLs changing. Before you know it, a link that was previously directing users to your site now leads straight to a 404 error or some irrelevant page from a 301 redirect.

This is where a backlink reclamation strategy comes into its own as the ideal tool to improve your search rankings to their previous heights.

All the link building strategies in the world are inconsequential unless you confirm they actually work. One of the most efficient ways to find out if they do or not is to don your best tuxedo, channel your inner James Bond, and “spy” on your competitors.

A few hours researching what backlinks do and don’t work within your field can save weeks of wasted time creating content that is unsuitable or unusable. This has the additional benefit of helping you understand the type of content your audience enjoys the most and what backlinks work best. There are numerous tools available that will allow you to.

Look at your competitor’s links to find out which pages get the most links and who’s linking to them the most, At their posts to find which keywords are ranking the highest, And finally, their top pages to learn what type of content brings them the most traffic and which keywords they’re having the most success with. Ask yourself what makes them a success and try to emulate that before surpassing them.

Within the SEO industry, there are two different techniques colloquially known as “hats”. A black hat SEO refers to any strategy that breaks search engine rules such as spamming and fake links, white hat SEO on the other hand relies on editorial links, original content, and legitimate backlinks. White hat SEO follows all of Google’s rules and policies to the letter.

Both white and black can be utilised to manipulate search engines and make your sites rank higher. However, only white hat has any longevity as Google is very strict when it comes to penalising even a single suspicious resource page or any other methods that are in opposition to their ethos.

Link Building Strategies FAQs

Link building is the practice of building one-way hyperlinks (also known as “backlinks”) to a website from referring domains with the goal of improving search engine visibility. Common link building strategies include content marketing, building useful tools, email outreach, broken link building and public relations.

  • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. The only way to increase the number of people on your website is to know two things what is your audience now and who you want your audience to be in the future.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH. Find out what sites your audience is currently looking at. Write a list of sites that appeal to them. Curate content based on these wants and utilise your own resources to capitalise on the knowledge gleaned from them.
  • CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. It is imperative that every piece of content that is attached to your website is perfect. Without great content, you will end be another “also ran”. Respect the intelligence of your audience, and don’t sell them or yourself short by throwing together articles haphazardly.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA. Learn how to change social media from a waste of valuable time into money in the bank. Use it to reach out to prospective clients and potential collaborators and to improve brand recognition.
  • MATCH CONTENT. It may sound obvious but make sure the content you submit matches your website/brand/clients goals. If the content is not carefully edited and RELEVANT to your business, you might as well not write it at all.

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