What is a niche edit?

What Are Niche Edits?

What is a niche edit?

Niche edits are, at its simplest, a quick and easy alternative to creating a guest post to be placed on a site as an SEO marketing tactic. You proposition website owners to place niche edit backlinks into an existing piece of content on their website.

Links from good sources are an indicator that Google uses for citation and ultimately increase rankings. It’s unclear where the term “niche edits” originated, but they also get referred to as contextual backlinks or curated links.

Niche edits appear in high authority existing articles, blogs, or web pages and get highlighted in a different colour to the main body of written content.

A link will fit naturally into the text and won’t negatively affect how the content reads, such as the below:

How Niche Edit Backlinks Appear On Websites
Niche edit link building example


Choosing between these two comes down to a couple of factors. Both have their place in digital marketing strategies, depending on your available budget, resources, and overall SEO strategy. Niche edits can be more effective from the get-go, whereas guest posts can take time to gain traction.

Here are a few things that are worth considering when deciding which might be more beneficial for your link-building strategy.

  • Websites with high authority are usually happier to insert quality niche edits rather than links to a new article.
  • Niche edit links require no new content to be created, which means that the investment in time and money is lower. 
  • Organic traffic levels are higher with niche edit link building due to the link getting into an already indexed existing page. Guest posting might only generate traffic with freshly created content of relevancy and value.
  • Guest posting gives you flexibility over an article’s keywords and title. With niche edits, you have no sway over the content.


This is quite simply the process of reaching out manually, usually by email, to contact web admins and proposition them for a link placement on their website. 

Doing manual outreach can be time-consuming and a large part of the reason why many businesses turn to professional link-building services.


If you were looking to improve your site’s performance and decided upon doing niche edits SEO, you’ll need to convince web admins and site owners to place your link in existing content on their website. 

You can’t just throw links in anywhere amongst existing pieces of content. They must get placed where they will make sense to Google when a page gets crawled.

Here is the process you can follow:


Identify Worthy Websites And Link Opportunities

You can start the process by manually searching to find posts, websites, and articles that are niche relevant to your own. Or, there are tools available on the market, such as Ahrefs, that can do the hard work for you and tell you which websites are already linked to your competition.

Once you have found a relevant site that you feel would be a good fit, find an existing blog post where you could possibly have your edit backlinks placed. Source the email address of the admin for the website.

You’ll need to repeat the process and compile a list of website contacts and blog posts. Many websites have contact details, but failing this, look up the domain owner using Whois.com.


Check For Niche Relevance, Site Traffic, And Authority

At this stage, you need to check the websites on your list for traffic, authority, and relevance and narrow down the list to sites that would be best to have your link placed on.

This is where you can use tools such as Semrush and gauge the traffic to a website and its domain authority to see if it is worth linking to.


Requesting Niche Edit Links Placements

Now that you’ve got a list of websites and blogs with relevant content and website owners, it’s time to start contacting them and asking them for link placements. Keeping the outreach email personal is always an excellent way to go, and be sure to mention how your link will benefit them, not just you.

You could tell the owner how visitors to their site will get quality, relevant content and add more value. It’s also worth mentioning that you’d be happy to trade content or buy edit backlinks.


Black-hat Vs White-hat Niche Edit Services

Think of a niche edits service as having three different possible kinds of links. You have white-hat, black-hat, and grey-hat links; you need to know which ones will help and which could hinder your website’s rankings.

Any link-building could be considered by Google as gaming the system, but as long as the link is from natural sources, such as broken link-building or resource sharing, it will be considered a white-hat link.

  • White-hat edit backlinks: This is the preferred and safest way of producing inbound links. Web admins are contacted manually about link opportunities to use niche edits. White-hat link-building adheres to Google guidelines to avoid the possibility of a Google penalty.
  • Black-hat edit backlinks: These are generally hacked links and often from low-domain authority sites with poor-quality content. You should avoid black-hat niche edit backlinks for SEO, as the links are typically procured without the web admin’s permission.

Grey-hat edit backlinks: Grey-hat links involve the use of specific techniques that wouldn’t necessarily be considered best practices but don’t strictly go against any of Google’s guidelines regarding SEO marketing.


Niche edits are links that have been built with the web admins’ permission and are not hacked or placed on a website without knowledge. If you find a broken link on a website or existing blog post, you can contact the owner and ask for consent to replace the broken link with your own. Alternatively, you could ask the admin to build links with a new placement with high quality content value.


A link-building strategy optimizing niche edit links can be a great addition to your marketing campaign, but you need to pay attention and tread carefully. Be sure to pay attention to anchor text diversity and link velocity. 

Remember that when you use edit backlinks, they should fit naturally and have relevance to the established page the link is going on. The goal here is to increase page authority and domain rating, not to fall foul of Google and harm your ranking as a result of your link-building.


Niche edit links work exceptionally well but work best as part of a well-rounded, link-building SEO digital marketing strategy. As stated before, link-building takes time, and you also need to be aware that any niche edit links you acquire may drop off due to retired webmasters or foreclosed sites.

It’s important to build yourself a database that you can use to place new links when old ones fall away, and you inevitably suffer link losses.


Niche edits are effective and do what they are intended to do very well, but to truly get the maximum benefits from them; you need to strike a balance with your strategy. A combination of guest posts, high authority outbound links, and niche edit link building will be required to push high-quality traffic toward your website. The SEO Link Building Experts provide a complete link service that can propose an inexpensive link campaign with a quick turnaround.


One thing that needs consideration when building links is that not all links get created equal, and some carry more weight than others. These are three of the significant advantages of niche edit link building.

  • Indexation: Niche Edit backlinks get indexed by search engine algorithms to help them rank websites.
  • Potency: They are potent and help boost existing content and add link juice.
  • Traffic: You can use niche edits to attract high-quality organic traffic.

Backlinks placed on domains with high authority with the correct anchor text are the links to which the algorithm gives prominence.


Website owners can add niche edits to any web page that they want to help improve rankings. This also includes link building on the homepage, and if in doubt, just using generic anchors is a safe way to move forward.

Niche Edit Link Building FAQs

An effective link-building strategy is crucial, and the link-building process can be performed quickly if you have the required skills. You can spend countless hours on outreach and negotiating with a website owner, which can be pretty challenging sometimes. Niche edits are powerful links and a great addition to a marketing strategy. A professional agency like The SEO Link Building Experts can provide an effective niche edit services strategy and turn around links in 4 weeks. In certain circumstances and industries, it can take less time for a site owner to have their links built and start to add value to their SEO.

You’ll need an outbound link and inbound niche edit backlinks to create an overall effective digital marketing strategy. If you are doing your outreach to site owners and admins to curate a list of link openings, even though your link is a good value proposition for them, it’s more than likely that you will pay them for your links to get placed on their website.

The best niche edits are valuable links, so it is improbable that you’ll get given a free link. If you use a professional niche edit link service, you can buy niche edit links. This can be an advantage on many levels, as a trusted agency will have outreach in place for most business sectors, which can pay huge dividends when inevitably, some links get broken, and you need more links quickly.

If you decide to get a niche edit service to acquire your links, just ensure the links are high-quality white-hat and not from PBNs.

There are a couple of things you’ll need to take into account when considering whether to partner with an agency for your link-building or take it on yourself. It’s possible to build links on your own, but the outreach can be time-consuming, tedious, and long-winded. It’s also not a once-and-done process due to links getting broken further down the line.

An agency like The SEO Link Building Experts already has an outreach network in place, and broken links can get replaced quickly. Services are there for a reason, and it is more cost-effective and safer to have a professional deliver niche edits to drive your SEO.

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