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Guest Blog Posting Service Strategy & Guest Posting Backlink Guide

Have you ever even heard of guest posting?

For anyone reading this that might be, and should be, looking for ways to increase their website’s organic traffic numbers and domain authority, you may or may not have heard of “guest posting,” also known as guest blogging.

Website owners should always be looking at ways to improve their SEO. Being able to place your website and company brand in front of fresh eyes and a new engaging audience is brilliant for gaining new relationships with bloggers in your industry, and guest posting for backlinks and increased authority for your own blog is a win-win situation.

Nobody goes looking to annoy, upset, or fall victim to the wrath of Google, but if guest posting gets done correctly, it can be a valuable tool in your SEO arsenal.

What is a guest blogging service?

 What is a guest blogging service?

Guest posting, or guest blogging, is the process of you making a content contribution to another blog or website. Basically, you offer your guest blogging services and write a blog post that gets hosted on a blog post or website in a relevant niche to your own with the ultimate goal of earning high-quality backlinks that will propagate referral traffic from the audience of that website.

The goal here is to add value to the blog you are getting hosted by and its audience with your well-written and informational blog, therefore earning a link without paying for it. By doing this, and doing it well and providing a premium guest posting service, you’ll be opening a pathway to building new relationships with other niche-relevant bloggers.

The primary goals of guest blog posts are:

  • Increase search traffic to their site
  • Build relationships with industry contemporaries
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost brand authority
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Improve SEO

Why is guest blogging great for your business, and what impact can it have?

Why is guest blogging great for your business?

For any business to grow and be successful, it needs to be seen as an authority figure and taken seriously in its niche. If it doesn’t get viewed as a serious player, it gets ignored and falls behind others, maximising opportunities to gain authority.

Building relationships with fellow bloggers is an excellent way of building a network of trailblazers, but let’s not just think one-dimensionally. Although you are looking for the possibility of having a guest blogging spot on their site, you can also offer a guest post exchange. This is where you could let them post on your site, which helps keep your content fresh and more SEO friendly in the eyes of Google.

How do I get started with guest post blogging?

How do I get started with guest post blogging?

Before you sit down at your computer and start typing away and creating a guest blog post, you’ll need a clear objective for your campaign and a guest blogging strategy. A great place to start is by researching and finding blog posts that are relevant to your industry but not from any direct competitors. Remember that you need to find an audience where you can inform, educate, and add value for the reader.

Also, another thing to consider before doing any guest blogger outreach is whether the blog you are considering aligns well with your business. It’s crucial that when you’re looking for guest posting opportunities, you must only consider offering to be a guest blogger on blogs and websites that make sense and carry the same message and persona as your own.

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before offering your guest blog posting service to any blog owners:

  • Are they in an industry that will benefit you when you write guest blogs?
  • Does their area of expertise correlate with yours?
  • Does their website/blog have a high domain authority that will help your SEO rankings?
  • Are they a presence on social media platforms where they share content and blog posts?
  • Does the site owner have an audience that engages with their content, comments, or shares?

“Dofollow, or not dofollow, that is the question.”

Dofollow or nofollow Links

At this stage of the process, it’s worth noting that not all links are created equal. Backlinks from guest posting can come in two forms: dofollow links and nofollow links. The default type of link is the “dofollow”. Search engine bots will crawl and deem these dofollow guest blogging hyperlinks as being a thumbs up and a vote of confidence. Your website will get marked as an authority in your industry or niche and will improve your rankings with search engines.

You also have the “nofollow” links. These are hyperlinks with the rel=”nofollow” HTML tag. This tag tells the search engines that your content may have only slight relevance to the main subject and that it is not enough for the content to get considered for a vote of authority.

The Google PageRank algorithm won’t actually be directly influenced by the links when it calculates search engine rankings. Still, they positively affect your brand awareness and referral traffic.

Both the dofollow and nofollow links present themselves in the same way though. They are both hyperlinked anchor text that gets found in either the author bio of a site or somewhere within the main body of the content.

Dofollow links carry more “link juice” to help power your SEO efforts, so dofollow guest posting sites are preferred, especially if you pay for links, but both types of hyperlinks have their value.

How do I find relevant blogs that I can reach out to?

How do I find relevant blogs that I can reach out to?

The process so far is pretty simple, but you’ll need to start actually searching for blogs that you can potentially reach out to and offer your guest posting services. The place to start is using keywords that are relevant to your industry. Once you have a list of keywords, you’ll want to add ‘guest post’ or ‘write for us’ or ‘content write for us’ after the main keyword.

For example, searching for bloggers that post about sports supplements and might accept guest posts, you could use search terms such as

  • Sports supplements + “ guest posting ”
  • Sports supplements + “ write for us ”
  • Sports supplements + “ guest writer ”
  • Sports supplements + “ guest blogging opportunities ”

These are all good search terms, but it’s well worth taking your time and using variations for “guest posts” and the other examples and seeing where it leads you. The more research you do in finding the right guest posting opportunities will pay dividends further down the line.

Higher level prospecting for guest post opportunities.

Once you’ve built yourself a nice juicy list of potential guest posting prospects, it’s time to start teaching out and contacting people about guest posting ideas and opportunities. This sounds relatively straightforward, but it is actually a pretty challenging process. You’ll need to be creative when offering your guest post service and have a clear idea for your post that the blog editor will be happy to publish. Remember that the editor may receive hundreds of similar emails from content writers and other bloggers, looking for a guest post placement, so the pith needs to be strong.

  • A good starting point: Ensure that when you choose which prospects you reach out to, they are highly relevant to your industry, and are high authority sites that will add value to your own website, and your own SEO. Ensuring that your content creation is pertinent means that the guest blogging backlinks will be high-quality links and have a more positive effect.
  • Now that you have your list of blogs accepting guest posts, it’s time for you to write a personalised email to the editor and pitch your guest post suggestion. Absolutely no universal, generic email templates to be used here. This is where the opportunity for guest blogging websites can be won or lost. Your message needs to be fashioned so that the editor sees the value of your guest post service article for their blog, website, and other guest posts in the future.

What should my guest posting outreach email look like?

Composing your email requesting guest post opportunities should include several key elements to be successful. Always include some relevant topic suggestions for your guest post. An editor happy to accept guest posts will want something different that offers their audience value, but it’s also some excellent fresh content that helps their SEO.

Remember, quality content is helping them, and you, in your ultimate goal for more search traffic and higher rankings. You need to show them that you would be a high-quality guest by guest posting for links.

Ensure that your email is concise and to the point. It doesn’t need to be so long that someone reading it falls asleep, so keep it simple and on topic. It’s also a great idea to include examples of quality guest post placements that you’ve done previously. Guest blogging for backlinks is competitive, so it’s good to stand out from the crowd.

This is a good example of how you could construct an effective blogger outreach email when you’re looking to earn guest posting links. Always ensure that you write using correct grammar and spelling so that the editor knows you would be a quality guest and they will get well-written quality content.

How should I reply to response emails?

When you start to receive response emails, it’s essential that you respond to other bloggers and editors quickly. Yours most likely isn’t the only blogger outreach email they received, so get back to them pronto, even if you aren’t ready to deliver the content straight away.
Try to get a deal done with the editor and check on any guest posting guidelines they may have.

This may sound obvious, but always be polite and friendly in your correspondence, and you may even find yourself in the position where they want to do a guest posting exchange, either now or further down the line. Always stay professional, even if you can’t deliver the content they want at that time; as you show that you can provide the best guest posting service, a healthy reciprocal relationship can develop.

What if the editor asks me to pay for guest posting?

Although this is not ultimately what you’re looking for, you may get responses asking you to basically buy guest post backlinks. There is nothing wrong with this, but you will want to be sure that the website is 100% worth any investment you’re being asked to make. Check how much traffic the website gets organically, the content quality, and audience interaction, and always be prepared to negotiate with an editor. Never underestimate your value to them and what you offer as a quality guest.

When guest posting, how should my guest blog look to be considered a quality guest post?

You must remember that your content gets placed on another blog or website with the purpose of the audience being offered help, guidance, and education from your guest post. Company rules may vary, and different editors will have varying guest post guidelines, but when you submit guest posts, they shouldn’t be promoting your own service or product, as it’s not a sales piece.

Why is doing guest blog posting good for my business?

Several very positive benefits can be had from being considered a high quality guest and posting a niche-relevant business blog. Without turning a guest post into a sales pitch, a guest blogger can share their industry expertise and knowledge with a new audience. This means that guest bloggers have the opportunity to build new relationships, and blog owners get fresh content from someone offering what they see as a high-authority guest posting service. Although it takes time to craft a good guest post, it is more beneficial than if you were to simply buy guest post links.

What effect will guest blogging have on my SEO?

This guest blogging guide got put together to educate anyone looking for new opportunities for link building. Guest blogging to acquire links can be used as an extremely effective mechanism for the SEO of your website if done correctly, but you will need to stay in Google’s good books and abide by some guest post guidelines when you are guest blogging. SEO has many moving parts; ultimately, you want to earn high authority links in order to build your authority and SEO rankings through your content creation.

If people are link building back to the blog on their website, Google will view your content as being informative, educational, and relevant. Google’s PageRank is an algorithm that, when people like, share, comment, or even link back to the blog, means it’s more inclined to appear in the search terms.

Just remember that when looking for link building openings, only build links to the best websites, as low quality sites can have a negative effect on your SEO.

Quick-Fire Pros of Guest Blog Posting


Guest Posting To Enhance Your SEO

Place guest blog posts on a high quality website in exchange for a backlink to your website that will gain you more authority, give you more online visibility, and ultimately increase organic traffic numbers.

Higher Quality Links

By only guest posting on quality sites, you’ll be getting high-quality links in return. Guest blogging for links from the world’s leading websites ensures that the links have real value and contribute positively to your content marketing strategy.

Gain Higher Levels Of Engagement

Guest posting on a website that is interesting, educational, and adds value for the reader. It is more likely to lead them to visit and remain on your own blog or website longer, comment, and read social media posts.

Improved & Wider Exposure

By offering your guest post service and writing guest posts, you’ll reach a new audience which can help increase organic traffic to your own website.

Promote Your Brand & Build Awareness

Guest blogging can positively promote your brand if your guest posts are hosted by quality sites because you’ll receive guest post links that boost your rankings and online visibility.

Guest Posts Are Free

As long as you offer guest post services and guest blogs of high value, you should get them free in exchange for your backlink opportunity.

Quick-Fire Cons of Guest Posting


Quality Takes Time

Guest posting can be a time-consuming process because you want to achieve a high authority backlink. Guest posting content writing must offer value to the website owner and reader.

Poor Quality Guest Blog Posts Content

Guest blogging on websites with low-quality content and inferior domain authority can harm your efforts to improve SEO performance.

Poor Quality Backlinks

Guest posting on a low-quality website will earn low authority links and damage your SEO success.

SEO-killing Duplicate Content

Guest bloggers that write guest posts with content that duplicates what is already present on a website run the risk of falling foul of Google algorithms and killing any SEO efforts.

Business Relationship Issues

If your relationship with an editor or webmaster isn’t firing on all cylinders, you run the risk of not getting the backlink guest post you were looking for, even after you have spent the time and effort in providing your guest posting service and writing the article.

It Could Cost You

Although most editors will see value in having new, fresh content, some may still ask you to pay for backlink blog posting.

Good things come to those who wait when guest posting

If you decided to go ahead and reach out to editors and web admins about getting guest posts on their blogs or sites and got invited to create content for them in exchange for a link, then great! But once you submit your guest blogs, you’ll need to master the art of patience. Your content, and link placement, may take days, even weeks, to be published.

Show the admin some love and appreciation for your guest posts

I know this sounds obvious, but don’t forget to say ‘Thank you!’ once your new article has been guest-posted. It’s all part of building good business relationships. You can always link to it from your website, comment on it and share it across your social media platforms to show gratitude for the opportunity.

Does it all sound like too much work? Use a guest blogging agency to get the job done.

As mentioned before, ensuring that your guest posts get published on quality sites that will benefit your SEO aspirations can be a time-consuming exercise. It’s time well spent, from your outreach, corresponding back and forth, creating the content, publishing it, and getting your link opportunity. If you’re not in the position to commit the time to find guest blogging opportunities, then engaging with a guest post agency could be a solution.

A guest posting services agency that offers a quality guest post link building service will have a list of contacts in multiple industries and will be able to provide various guest posting packages, amongst other SEO services.

A good guest posting link building service can be invaluable in saving time and possibly quite costly mistakes. Whether you do it yourself or employ a guest post service from an agency. A guest article on top quality, authoritative websites is an excellent way of gaining value-laden backlinks.

Start your guest posting journey today!

If you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of creating guest posts intending to earn some valuable links and authority for your own blog, or website, it’s just a question of whether you do it yourself or employ help from guest posting services to enhance your SEO. Whichever way you choose, get started today, do your research, jump in with both feet and get going!

Guest Post FAQs

Guest bloggers have great success in using guest posting to earn backlinks and improve their own site authority, and move up the SERPs. It takes considerable time and effort, and you need to stay within white-hat guidelines, but it’s a tried and tested method in SEO.

You’ll benefit more from guest posting on sites with dofollow in their HTMP anchor text. This allows any search engine to point a link back at your website with more link juice. It’s best to be guest blogging where you can gain quality dofollow guest post links, although both dofollow and nofollow have their place and aid your SEO, and not low quality sources that harm your efforts.

Agency guest post services can save you a lot of time and potentially money. Guest bloggers can follow a strategy themselves and have very positive results from their efforts, but agencies offer guest posting services for a reason. When guest bloggers start looking for a guest post placement, they start from scratch and will need to do leg work.

Agencies will already have a database of web admins in multiple industries that they can call upon for a guest post placement. They understand guest posting guidelines, use professional content writers, and fully understand every part of the operation, from reading anchor text to link building and all the moving parts of a successful strategy.

Guest posting packages are well worth the investment to ensure you save time and get quality content and good valuable links, but nothing is stopping you from having a crack at it yourself.

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